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Saturday, 1 April 2023


Sunday, 17 December 2023

Thursday, Sunday

All Tier Rewards Cards qualify

Stand A Chance To Win A Share Of Over R4,000 In CASH & Prizes


Our new gaming promotion exclusively for our Rewards members will have you in a spin… it’s Super 9 time at The

Caledon Casino! Stand a chance to win a share of over R4,000 in CASH and prizes in our Super 9 Roulette draws

every Thursday at 18h00 & Sunday at 15h00! Buy-in for only R30 at the CASH Desk from 01 April 2023 until 17 December 2023 only!

For just R30 per Super 9 draw ticket (up to a maximum of 5 draw tickets), you are in with a chance to win over

R8,000 in cold hard CASH and great prizes! Get your Super 9 tickets at the CASH Desk! Will your nine numbers be

your Super 9 winning numbers? Only one way to find out! See you on Thursday!

Super 9 draws will take place at The Caledon Casino every Thursday & Sunday until 17 December 2023 – All you need to

do is buy in for R30 at CASH Desk. The tournament takes place at 14h00!

The entry fee is R30 per 1 Super 9 Roulette ticket, Players may enter as many times as they like at the CASH Desk

(maximum of 5 entries)

Prize winners who are present will be given 90 seconds to be present the winning ticket and must be in possession

of positive and acceptable form of identification.




 The promotion will be hosted every Thursday & Sunday, starting 6 Apr until 17 Dec 2023.

On Thursday’s guests may buy into the Super 9 Roulette from 10h00 until 17h00 with the tournament taking place at 18h00.

On Sunday guests may buy into the Super 9 Roulette on between 09h00 until 14h00 with the tournament taking place at


Entry into the Roulette Challenge is R30 per 1 Super 9 ticket up to a Maximum of 5 entries.

It will be a 2 part ticket (counter foil) with nine identical blocks. Every person will then choose 9 numbers (0 – 36) and

write these numbers on the ticket. The guest will keep one part of the ticket (top part) and the other part will be retained

by Cash Desk (counterfoil).

It is the player’s responsibility to choose 9 numbers and complete it legibly on the entry ticket. If the numbers cannot be

verified, then the ticket will be deemed invalid. Players may not fill in the same number twice on their ticket.

It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their numbers reflect on the duplicate copy and is legible and also that they

have completed the correct numbers as selected by them.

Cash Desk will not be held responsible for any mistakes made on any tickets.

Completed counterfoils need to be handed in at Cash Desk at least 30 minutes before the start of the Roulette

Challenge. (Cashier to check that both sets of numbers correspond)

The roulette wheel will be used to determine the numbers (0 – 36).


Prize breakdown:


The first player to complete a four (4) Corner and centre numbers will be awarded R1,000 in FreePlay (Win an additional R500 FreePlay if you complete four (4) Corner and centre numbers before the 7 spin)

The player who completes seven (7) numbers will be awarded R1,500 in Freeplay.

(Win an additional R500 FreePlay if you complete seven numbers before the 10 spin)

The player who completes the 9 numbers after the 20 spins, will be awarded R2,000 in FreePlay.


    Progressive Prize Winner:


The player, who completes the 9 numbers within 20 spins, will be awarded the Progressive prize consisting of the role over amounts + buy in (starts at R1,000 CASH)

A maximum of 37 numbers (0-36) will be spun placing colour chips on the layout to record the numbers; this is to ensure a winner on the day of the promotion. Numbers will be announced. Once a winner is determined, then no more numbers need to be spun.

Thursday, 17 December will be the last Super 9 Tournament for 2023 and will be a must win

If a number is repeated more than once during the course of the game (double spin), then it is disregarded and a new number will be spun.

It is the player’s responsibility to tick their entry ticket and indicate verbally if all nine numbers on their ticket have been called.

The winner will be required to hand over their part of the ticket and the slots/marketing employee will confirm that the numbers correspond to the counter foil part (exact copy) and the numbers that were spun by the Dealer.

If there’s more than one winner at the same time, the prize money will be split in equal parts between all the winners.


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